Friday, October 30, 2015

Trip to Aggtelek

About the trip to the Aggtelek Cave and the Cavebath of Miskolctapolca

On 7th of November, the international coordinators of the Testnevelési Egyetem organized a special program for us the Erasmus and the ICC students. On that Saturday we met close to the University in the foggy, rainy and very early morning (6:30 AM) and started the trip around 6:45 AM. Our journey takes around three hours, and on the road I think, so everybody fall asleep. But finally we arrived to the first station is our trip, the Caves of Aggtelek, which is on the UNESCO Heritage list. There we took part on a one hourcave tour, and visited the room of the Tiger and the concert hall, where we listened the famous song of Vangelis, Chariots of Fire. The acoustics of the cave was amazing, we did a few picture about each other and group pictures. We also saw a lot of stalagmites and stalactites, interesting forms, and colors, and bats in deep dream. Our turist guide said a few useful words about the air in the cave, so there is very clean and the humidity of the air is very high level, what has positive effects to our health. He showed for us narrow route to Slovakia, but without passport we can t go there
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. From case of that we went forward to our next station, the Cavebath of Miskolctapolca, the journey takes one hour from Aggtelek. That part was the relaxation part of our trip, we tried went from pools to pools, to find the hottest thermal water in the bath. On that way we find to the pool of “couples” where was nice light effects and a lot of couples in the dark. After that we went forward and organized amateur apnea championships under the water (the winner was Edu). Finally find the hottest pools, and spent out time there, surrounded by old people with rheumaticaly problems, but we also enjoyed it. After the health caring part of our trip we saw little squarrels in the parks and took a few photos. Around 16:00 PM we headed to Budapest. On the road we ate some goodies and sweeties, got by the coordinators, and we get tastes chocolates, which Kelli brought from Italy. And again maybe everybody fall asleep. At 19:00 we arrived to Budapest. That was a wonderful day with useful programs, nice memories.


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