Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cooking at Edu's

On Wednesday (21st of October) we had an event dedicated to cooking. We organized it at Eddie’s hostel (David Hasselhostel, no comments…:D), which was kind of a unique experience. The menu was “túrós csusza” and mushroom stew, both being traditional hungarian dishes and everyone took part in a way to create the them. Marga also brought some tortilla chips and made a delicious guacamole together with Maria. Thank you a lot for that girls! We were 12 and no tummies were left hungry. After the dinner we played some UNO which could be called a ritual for us by now. Group pictures are always essential and this event was no exception! As far as I saw everyone was happy with the food and we all had a fun evening/night together. Can’t wait the next meet-up whether it be cooking or something completely different! :)


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