Friday, October 30, 2015

Recreation camp

Last week from October 26ty to 29th we participated in the Recreation camp. It was a very good experience. We had been in the Thor Gym and had contatc with their method ( “No pain More gain”) as well as crossfit,, MMA, heavy lifting. We had been in the dance world too: pole dancing, aerobics and an internal rehearsal of turkish Hip Hop. Hey Moonstar boys! There was a visit in the Mountex bouldering place, amazing! We had also a Star Wars warming up in the laser battle! It was very exciting! And we had a rope, a gyorstollas (racket sport) class and bowling! It was very nice hanging out with the people, seeing some paths that a physical education student can follow and have a lot of fun! Thank you all, köszönöm szepam!


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