Sunday, November 29, 2015

Freshmen's Ball

Before i and my twin brother came to Budapest, we prepared a choreography by our coordinators’ request. They were wanting to make Erasmus students to dance in Freshman’s Ball Festival. When we arrived to Budapest, we couldn’t start dance practice. Because we didn’t have got a place to practice. After that, our coordinators solved this problem and we started to dance once a week. But it wasn’t enough for us, because the choreography was hard for my friend and someone was missing one of that practices without fail. I was wanting to practice with everybody, but unfortunately it has just happened in our show. I think our practices were funny and efficient. Finally we finished our practices and then we were on stage in Freshman’s Ball Festival. Rain or shine, I am satisfied that i was in that practices. I and my brother want to thank to everybody for their participation.


Fresman’s Ball Festival was in a club that called Club Play at night. I and my twin brother really liked there. Also being VIP was a big privilege and it was so nice. Firstly when we was in there, suddenly we had to make our last practise on stage, because the first practise in there was ours. After that, we’ve watched other dance groups’ practises and enjoyed as VIP persons. After the Festival started, we took our place and performed our dance. Our performance was liked so much. Then we watched other performance. We’ve had fun so much, we’ve danced with our friends untill the morning. Lastly according to us everything was great and thanks a lot for that fantastic memory.


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