Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Leisure time camp


Hey you guys! Please fasten your seat belts and be ready for another blog on Leisure Time Sports Camp. Let’s start with informations about programme, sports done, and some tips for preparation of future’s Erasmus.  The camp was consisted by 3 sports as cycling, hiking and water sports, they were  separately organized in 3 different dates. Duration was approximately 4-5 hours for each from 09:00 to 13:00 and all tips are going to same way that you need a water and some food to survive during activities. Also, we were lucky that we have done all camps  with sunny weather, however you should have a look weather estimation before you go and of course there is a guide book of camp’s teachers  which was sent by e-mail to you about tips. So don’t worry, do everything  that they warn you BY e-mail before. Be happy J
We started with cycling camp on 4 April at 09:00. As the place was very far from the city center, of cource great public transport of Budapest run to help us. *ıt is recommended to go there by a group of people. It will help you to reach this place or be lost collectively . ısn’t it beter than being alone with wild pigs? J  Introduction meetings are indipensible activity of those camps however this camp’s introduction was in Hungarian therefore, we could understand only ‘’Jó reggelt’’ which means Good Morning! It was enough for us to wake up after a night party! J  After 1 hour introduction, we went for  mountain-biking which was the most enjoyable part among all camp programme.  I suggest you  to check your brakes before you start to move there and remove your adrenalin as it is going to be peak during mountain biking. The second part of programme is different kind of competition with bicycles that we lost all competition so ı don’t wanna refer about it more. The third part was about mechanism of a bicycle and how to repair broken parts of it in Hungarian. It was the part of people who could be interested in bicycle from heart to listen carefully. Therefore,  a few of us was interested in this part.

The second leg of the camp was ‘’Hiking’’. In fact, ı experienced very bad night before the camp day and ı was sick during all day so ı couldn’t  be motivated well. However, ıt was even great day inspite of my sickness except for  that we completed orienteering  parcur in 75 minutes with Walter as much as we made our leader a bit upset. It was because of my stomacache. The nearest pairs to us has  finished this parcur 15 minutes before infront of us :D Before orienteering, we walked through great nature of Budapest such as natural formations, hills, fresh-air, friendly  conversations of Erasmus community, great hill; Nagy Kevely. We left our tracks behind us on hill of Budapest  as we wrote ‘’We were here’’ Signutare: Erasmus.

The last sport of programme was mixed as water camp sports which included ‘’kayak, canoeing, dragon boat’’.  We were lucky that our coordinators were with us to translate introduction meeting!  Say hit o Madam Julianna Kiraly and Pirosca Katalin! Unfortunately; Kate had to leave organization early.Sad!   Before we go there, ı  always wondered how it would be on Danube River and ı realised this dream after introduction meeting. I was happy that  would have done all of boat types, but,  at last; ı understood that ı have  shameful balance skills which could cause a capsize on Danube, however  Walter’s great balance skills saved  our life on wild Danube river . We survivedJ  End of the programme, we did Dragon Boat opps actually  we tried to do. As Julie was leader of boat and drummer of boat, she looked like so happy while we were getting tired of rowing. Just a joke! As a notice for politicians and environmentalists,  I hope, all countries where Danube River  crosses  will have prevention for water-pollution of Danube soon.

                Finally; ı would like to emphase that these camps and meetings with Erasmus mates can not be described but only experienced. Therefore;  unbuckle your  seat belts as we came to end of the story!  I hope, next fastened seat-belts of you  are going to be not for a story hopefully for a flight which is going to your Erasmus dreams at TF.  –to Future’s Erasmus-

-BOZs -

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