Monday, May 30, 2016

Recreation camp II.

Recreation camp was a great example that the best experience what you can get is by travelling to see other thinking and not only travel to learn how to survive abroad or get know better the language. In Poland I study Tourism and recreation on Academy of Physical Education in Biała Podlaska, that’s why for last 2 years I was working as instructor on winter and summer camps. What’s the most important in my work? Every day you have to have new ideas for kids to organize interesting classes for them. I didn’t know that my Erasmus visit in Hungary will show me so many things and differences between our cultures and traditions. But back to the topic of Recreation camp. We took a part of classes which are not so popular in Poland like rugby, petanque, Frisbee golf, archery, grass hockey, kifling and slackline. Most of them are well known in my country some of them not at all. What was the most interesting for me? Definitely Kifling! In Poland we use equipment for Kifling just for fun and recreation usually playing in pairs for example during picnics. I had no idea that it can be such an interesting sport! We had so much fun playing Kifling and I’m sure I’ll bring the idea of this competition to Poland. What was the best thing of all sports? That the teachers showed us not only the rules, history or how to play but games and plays with equipment. All classes gave us a lot of fun and ideas to conduct my own classes witch children. We could try something else, or know different way how to have fun with sport which we already know.


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