Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Iza's Erasmus

My Erasmus calendar

This semester passed so quickly I didn’t even realized, but let’s start at the beginning.
February: arriving, excitement, curiosity, new people, a lot of new information, this is how I would describe my first day. After the orientation at the university, I moved in the dorm, which was also new for me, because I have never lived in such a place before. Everybody was very nice and helpful, but I was a bit afraid, I was alone, but at the same time I was like: finally I could try myself, I am happy and free!
March: I already have a cleaner picture of my Erasmus life, I have a final timetable, I do not get lost at TF, I know where my classes are. My subjects are very mixed, so I always meet new students, which gave me a great experiment and professional exchanges.
April: Student, private and all kind of life is going on, finally spring is here, the sun  is shining , it is raining,  and the wind is blowing at the same time, this crazy  weather fits perfectly for this month. I think Budapest is the most beautiful in the spring, the Gellért hill turns green, the view from the Buda Castle is wonderful and every time I cross the Szabadság bridge, I admire the river too and I still feel like it is unbelievable that I am living in such a great city.
May: The exam period is here, which means something will end soon. The semester is almost over, I have to prepare myself to return home, I have to store up the memories, and the experiences what the city and the people gave me during this time.
We are already in June, it’s children’s day, sunshine, happiness, summer, so take advantage of the remaining time before you go home! I do so!

Wish you all a joyful after-Erasmus life, with kind regards, Iza J

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