Monday, December 7, 2015

New semester, with new incomers

"Hi everyone! I’m Hilary and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am 21 years old, and I am in my 4th year of Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario. I am a friendly and outgoing person who loves meeting new people and trying new things! I am also very active, spending most of my free time participating in physical activity. I love watching sports, especially basketball and of course, being from Canada, hockey. Besides sports, I enjoy travelling, listening to country music, and hanging out with my friends and family. " 
"International exchange is an experience like no other. It is filled with learning opportunities that are not available in my native country. I am excited to explore a new country, learn new languages, meet new people and to learn more about myself along the way. By doing so, I will learn more about the culture, create lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. The skills developed, knowledge gained and challenges faced during my semester abroad will be applicable to my everyday life. I believe the “world is my classroom”, therefore learning outside of textbooks will allow me to view the world with a new perspective and incorporate "real life" experiences into my academic studies."

 Hilary from Canada


"Hey there! My name is Sharon and I will be coming to TF in February 2016. I am currently in my final year at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. My biggest hobbies are cheerleading, baking, and I'm experimenting with photography. I have been cheerleading competitively for about ten years now, and love representing my school through this sport. I also enjoy yoga and weightlifting in my own time. I can’t wait to meet you all!"

"I applied for exchange because I have always wanted to live in a country with a completely different culture than what I am used to. I actually grew up in Vancouver but decided to go to school in Toronto, even though I did not know anyone in Eastern Canada. However, my experience at school and all the people that I have met so far have been amazing, and I am expecting that my time at TF will be just as rewarding! I have traveled on my own before, but I have never lived in another country. Since I'm in Kinesiology, there are a limited number of schools that offered exchange with my university. Budapest appealed to me the most, so that is how I picked TF! I am very excited for my exchange and cannot wait to meet everyone."

Sharon from Canada

"My name is Gael. I am a twenty years-old French man, who likes sports, music, playing guitar and read. 
I was born and bred in the Bask country. I have always done sports, especially in competition: like ski, tennis, surfing, rugby and swimming. 
I have worked every summer for three years now on the beaches of my municipality, Saint Jean de Luz, as a lifeguard (rescuer). 
I like this job for the social contact and because for me, it’s important to do whatever I can to help people. Also, I have to work regularly to pay for my studies and to travel the world with friends or by myself. 
I currently study in Bordeaux to become a teacher in Physical Education. Last May, I taught in a school for a month to learn about different aspects of teaching. It was a very good and interesting experience that confirmed my decision. 
Now, I have to progress in English because I want to speak with people clearly worldwide and be able to teach in English. I also want to know different cultures, meet new people, move in Europe to know her better, compare some countries and the educative systems. Finally, my financial situation does not allow me to travel or study without a scholarship. I have studied hard to come this far and being able to study in Budapest would mean a lot to me and encourage me to go further in my studies."

I am studying STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Sports and Physical Activities) in Bordeaux, France. I am in my third and last year of me Bachelor’s degree and specialized myself in “Education and Motor Skills”.
I would very much like to study in your university for the second semester of this academic year. I have discussed my project with the Erasmus coordinator of my university and he strongly supports this application.
For the following reasons:
First of all, I definitely want to do a Master’s degree next year and I need to improve my English for I will probably have to teach in this language. Also, I think that English is very important nowadays to communicate and exchange with people around the world.
Second, and this is the reason why I have chosen your university, is that a friend studied there, that helped him to succeed in Master’s degree next year.
Third, I truly believe that this year abroad will benefit me personally. I have never been to Hungary and I do not know about Central Europe and it’s culture. It will be such a great opportunity to discover it. 

Gael from France

Hi everyone!I am Yusuf TURGAY.I have been living in Izmir for over 24 years.It takes place west part of Turkey.I study at Ege Universty and my field is Physical Education and Sports Teaching.That's my third year here.I had taken courses about logistics during two years before I started to my current universty.When I was studying at my previous universty,I was taking my tennis equipments in order to play tennis in my spare times.That's why I had left the logistics department to start a new career which I love.I am a tennis freak.I have been playing tennis for over 14 years.It is not only a kind of sports but also a life style for me.My purpose is that to coach professional tennis players.I have also interested in sports medicine for a long time.It would be a challenge to study in this field but I will try my best.I would like to focus on only one field at the beginning but in future,I'm open to many challenges.

This programme provide me the education which will enhance my career initially.I am so excited that I will come to Budapest for six months.Before my acceptance to your university,some of my professors recommended me studying in your university.University of Physical Education seemed as the best option among the others.I attended to International Education Fair in October,2015 and I tried to obtain informations about the universities in Hungary.Before my arrival,eventually I will gather all related informations about your university.I imagine Budapest,it is nice and historic city.I already got some documents such as film,book in order to find out Budapest history,culture and traditions.I look forward to visiting this beautiful city and meet my fellow students.

Yusuf from Turkey

Hello! My name is Berkcan. I’m 21 years old and I come from ‘’the pearl of the Aegean: İzmir, Turkey.‘’ I am in the 3rd class of P.E and Sports Teaching at Ege University. As to my life, hobbies, personal characteristics… I can’t imagine a life without sport. In this context; I can say that I love doing different kinds of sports more. The sport love of me started with basketball when I was 8 years old. However; I was indecisive between playing football and basketball till 14 and I changed my branch as football at the end of this process. Although; I focused on academic life more than practical area of sports with beginning of university, I am still attached to do sports as I am currently playing ‘’Lacrosse’’ on goalie position at İzmir Warriors LC. I am working as Social Media Secretary of the club too. Apart from university and sport; I like reading, meeting friends, discovering different kind of activities, places, cultures. I am nature and animal lover too and I believe that one of the self-actualization way is to found a life independently in nature, out of urban life . Besides, It is going to be my second Erasmus and where I went for first one is Riga, Latvia, last year. This experience definetly changed and contributed me in point of being social, being participating and vocational skills. That’s why I applied to Erasmus+ without a second thought once more again. Finally; I’d like to finish my letter by quoting from St. Augustine: ‘’The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’’ -Let’s read one more page of the world in Budapest all together!

"Can Maths measure how much value of time is ? I found the answer through Erasmus. I was born in 1994, but officially! I assumed myself that I was really born by first Erasmus Experience one year ago in Latvia. As I said in my introduction, Erasmus contributed me a lot. Moreover; I don’t feel myself as if I was alive before Erasmus. Therefore; one can be more than 21 years for me! Based on this, the main motivation of me when I decided to apply Erasmus+ once more again was to know that second Erasmus would give me the opportunity of being reborn into the different life again. 
"As to; Why did I apply to TF for second Erasmus? The answer is based on a long story from 2 years ago when I firstly applied Erasmus. Shortly; I couldn’t have come to TF because of conditions of my curriculum in Turkey, although I was selected. However; I have never forgotten dream of being in TF and Budapest and It turned into a ambition inside. Thus; I did not give up to follow it as you see! I am glad that I am going to realize this dream in February. Besides; I know that TF will contribute me a lot in my field. To clarify it; I can say that the curriculums of TF are really wide of various sports. It will give me the opportunity of improving myself in practical area and different kinda sports too. In contrast; I attended a lot of theoritical courses too much in the past. Additionally; TF has a long history and tradition in sport education from 1925 to today. Not only in Hungary but also It is one of the oldest P.E school in Europe as 3rd and TF has trained 89 of 160 gold medalist of Hungary in Olympic Games as I read. Therefore; I believe that the strong experience of TF based on its long history can provide me a qualified education in my field. Finally; Budapest is also another reason that made me decide to apply to TF, I have heard a lot of amazing things about Budapest such as cultural heritage, historical figure of city, great social life and chance of reaching all countries of Europe easily for trips thanks to location of Hungary in East Central Europe. All reasons that I referred above brings me the gate of TF. Now; I am looking forward to see what we will experience behind the gate all together!

Berkcan from Turkey

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