Monday, August 10, 2015

Introduction of Incomings'

Well, the erasmus experience is lifechanging. It's not an opinion it's a fact! So let's see who is here to take part in this experience, to live erasmus at our University, the University of Physical education...

"My name is Molnar Eliza, I’m 21 years old, and I am from Romania. Even though I’m from Romania, I am Hungarian, I practice target shooting and I’m also part of the national shooting team. I started practicing this sport 6 years ago, and it taught me self control, self esteem and how to be persistent in reaching my goals. Besides target shooting, I enjoy hiking and camping, I’m practicing regularly aerobics, I’m passionate about history. I also took part as a volunteer for a couple of years at archeological excavations in my hometown, Nagyvarad’s (Oradea) ancient fortress. In my little free time, besides competitions and training camps, I really enjoy reading, mostly history related books, but not only." 

"Hello, my name is Gábor, and I came from the hearth of Szeklerland, (yeah I know, that is the first time when you heard about Szeklerland, but you can use the Go_Oglee for further informations ). This is the land of bears, mountains, pine forests, fresh air, sparkling mineral waters, plum pálinka of Seklers (Székely szilvapálinka), kürtőskalács and several tourist attractions. My main sport is football, but I like almost every kind of sports (running/swimming/hiking/cycling and ball games), and very often I take part in sport related events as a volunteer, spectator or player. "

"My name is Walter Martinez Weinheber. I am brazilian, from the south of the country, Curitiba. My father is a german descendent and my mother is from Nicaragua. When I was a pre-teenager, I used to play football and during my teenager years I used to surf. Nowadays, I swim and run for health and wellness, and I ride a bike for transport and leisure. I do also trekking and mountain climbing. I became a Tai ji quan (chinese internal martial art) instructor during the period that I have been at the University. Although, my first choice was in the humanity area – languages - because I liked (and still do) arts in general: poetry, music, dance, and I thought, that time, that it would be nice to become a Portuguese/ English teacher. Nonetheless, I did not finish the course, I close it and went to London. My main goal there was improving my English then I could teach it in Brazil. In fact, I had been there less time that I had planned, only 4/5 months. In reality, I stayed teaching basic English during a semester in Brazil and I realized that it was not that what I wanted to do. So, I studied cooking and worked with that for a while; after that a became a massagist, and it is an activity that I do until now. During this time, I began to practice Tai ji quan and I started to feel the benefits of the activity: the integration of the mind and the body, relaxation, awareness, nervous system regulation, stretching, strengthening and others. So, I decide to study physical education. Then, at the University, I had contact with social work with children, physical activity and health research and I did also an internship with elder people. Today, I am in a Sociology of Sport Group and in a Combat Sports, Fight and Martial Arts Socio-historical Study Group. To finalize, I am open to all new opportunities that can appear, the different people that I am going to meet and all the different cultures that I will experience."  

"Hello! My name is Kelli. I´m 20 years old and I come from small Estonia. My birthday is on November 2nd. I just finished my second year in Tallinn University studying recreation management.
I like to dance but due to work this school year I couldn´t attend practice. Recently I found longboarding as a fun and challenging way to get heart rate up and enjoy being outside.
I like to do voluntary work. This year I had few small ones and one that was through the all school year. E.g. I was a time-taker and did everything else needed at Curling junior championships, organized an event for children in orphanage and was head organizer of a school wide tournament.
The tournament was my biggest commitment this year. It had 12 different competitions, such as disc golf, poker, bowling, soccer, basketball etc. As you can see it was not all about hard core sports but more of a having fun but active time with your course mates. It didn´t turn out good due to lack of interest. That is one reason of my exchange- I want to see how things are in some other school, in some other country. Is it a worldwide trend and what is behind that? Why do I do voluntary stuff like that you ask. Well... If you want my help, all you have to give is free food. Actually, it is the best way to get experience and meet new people but food is a huge bonus. I like to believe that I´m a friendly and outgoing person. I do have an opinion on stuff and sometimes people don´t like that. I hope you guys have point of views so we can discuss about different subjects."

"I am Ignacio but everyone call me Nacho. I’m 21 years old and I live in Granada (Spain). Acrobatic Gymnastic is my sport although I played tennis and football for years too. I also love music, I play the guitar and I played saxophone for a lot of years. I think I am a very friendly person, I never have problems with anyone and it can be because I love meeting new people."

"Hello I´m María Fernández Casado, I’m 20 years old and I live in Don Benito (Badajoz) but I´m from Granada University where I study Physical Education. I love doing sport because I’m triathlete. My life in the world of sport began like this: Firstly, when I was 9 years old I started to do swimming competitions, then while I did swimming I tried doing triathlon, and at the same time I did both. When I started my hard studies in high school, I began to practice cycling competitions and after all I came back to triathlon until now. My prefered sports are swimming and bicycle, I hate running because it is of coward.All this is the cause of my decition of going to Granada to study Physical Education. At the beginning I didn’t know anybody I felt alone but afterward I met Ignacio, we became very good friends."

"Hello, My name is Julia Cañadas Villar. I'm from Granada, Spain. I'm 19 years old. I’m studying Sport Science at the University of Granada. I love doing sport. I think I like many sports but my favorite one is basketball. I have played basketball for 4 years in my high school's team until I suffered an injury in my knee. After that, I just have played basketball at university for the University rector trophy, a competition but it isn't like before. I love listening music too, I think that is one of the best things in the world. I like reading but I don't usually have too much time. I love going out with friends and spend good time with them. I consider myself as a nice person and smiling. I'm a thoughtful person but sometimes I also act impulsively. I'm a bit stubborn too, but I don't think it's a bad adjective because I like to reach and get what I think is good for me and don't give up in the first time when I don't succeed. I don't really know what more I can say. I like helping people so if you need anything don't hesitate asking me for it and I will try to help you if it's possible."

"Hi there! I’m Andres Cid but you can call me Andrew and I’m going to tell you a little bit about me. I’m from Valencia (Spain), 23 years old. I’m a very active person so I practise any kind of sports. I use to practice footbal and I’m a tennis coach. I really love travel, meet new people, learn lots of things and get new experiences. My favourite music style is electronic music like techno and deep house but also enjoy new fashion style like EDM. I’m Valencia Football Club supporter."

"Hi everyone! I'm Marga and I'm a 20-years old girl from Barcelona who is studding her last course in the University. Although during next year I'm going to study to TF University, which is a Physical Education one, this is not my direction; I'm studying Primary Education and not necessarily I'll be a PE teacher. Apart from my studies, I'm working as a volunteer with the red cross doing some first aid tasks. I'm a very active girl and sometimes quite restless, i love walking around and discovering new places all over the cities and different sites (hiking, as well). I also like so much rollerblading, which is a great way not just to have fun, but also to move everywhere. In fact, in the past I have been practicing for several years artistic roller skating, but I had to stop it. Right now, I'm also learning how to skateboard, but I'm just starting and since then I have taken some pretty bad knocks. I'm also very interested in travelling, cooking (at least, I try it), the Nippon world and meeting new people and hanging out with my friends." 

"My name is Eduard Bardají, I'm from Mallorca, which is a little spanish island. I'm 22 years old and I come here to learn from every different point of view. My hobbies are all kind of technicalcombinatorial sports, specially breakdance and I study to bring bboys the role of trainer into their sport life to get better training habits, so better bboys, so a better bboy culture. I love also music and art. I like looking at the clouds or in every different way that the ones we're used to."

"Hey everyone,my name is Mert and I'm from Izmir,Turkey.I am 22 and I'm in the 4th year of Physical Education and Sports Teaching degree at Ege University.My main sport is football but I kinda like watching and playing most of the sports.I like travelling,meeting new people from different cultures and I have crazy passion for electronic music(especially trance)!So you can see me occasionally travelling around for some festivals or events(like transmission 2015 prague on 21st of November,everybody who want to join me is more than welcome!!).Besides that I like hanging out with my friends,playing video games and experience new things." 

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