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And the mentors.....

Misi AKA Keszti Mihály 
Hello, this is Misi, a sport manager student from Hungary.As a former Erasmus student and trainee in Germany, and an EVS volunteer in Albania I would like to enjoy an international community in Budapest as well. Moreover I would gladly help to our international students to get into the Hungarian university life and make there stay in Hungary memorable.
From my part I speak German, English and a little bit Albanian. Originally I was a swimmer, but as a sport student I like to play every sport games. Especially basketball and ultimate frisbee.

Héjj Viktoria
My name is Viktória Héjj, I'm 22 years old. I just finished BSc on the TF, and applied for MSc, my major is the Recreation Managment and Health Promotion. I applied to be a mentor, because I would like to go to Italy with the Erasmus later, and before that I would like to be part of this experiance from the other side, and see how it works and also I think it could be a great fun.
Just a little about myself. I'm from Esztergom, but I live in Budapest now. Like everybody has a main sport in the TF, my sport is the sailing. I used to take part in competitions, but nowdays I just sail for myself when I have some free time, but I am working in a sailing club as an instruktor for camps. I spent lot of time in other countries, when I had training or competitions, and in those days I kind of like was forced to speak english or other languages, and I learned a lot. I think I could use that experiance now. like sports, music, festivals, organize things and to be with good company.

Bori AKA Szilágyi Borbála
Because of the rather  friendly and helpful character of mine I can easily get along with young and also eldelry people.  During my studies my main goal is to do the best that I possibly can  as a student, but don't get me wrong I'm always into some new and exciting thrills, mostly sports. For example in the last couple of years I've cycled around Hungary's biggest lake, the Balaton, ("the Hungarian Sea" as we call it), I also took part in a competition where I swam through it, and I ran a quarter-marathon in 2011. Back in high school I've spent a couple of weeks in Switzerland as an exchange student where I really had a great time experiencing a new environment while I improved my language skills.
In my opinion this programme (Erasmus Mentor Programme) is a truly unmistakable  experince.  The reason I'm saying that is because it is really one of those ways where we can get to know different way of thinking of people of various cultures. I feel like my duty is to introduce you guys to the colourful tradition of my beloved country. There are plenty of ways for doing that. For example thanks to my mother I became a fairly good cook recently, so if you ever up to some fine Hungarian dishes you can count on me. Don't forget the fact that Budapest is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and because I live there for 3 years now I pretty much know a lot of hidden places, what you should defenetively need to check out. These are not the average tourists sights, but the ones that truly show the real fascinating  face of this city. Last but not at least when it comes to going to some kind of party or even a festival I'm always in trust me!

Marci AKA Mikolai Marcell 
My name is Marcell ! I live in west part of Hungary in a small town near Lake Balaton! I do my last year in the university so if You have question about TF hopefully i know it or i know whose need to ask! :) I am a quiet active Guy, on foots or on wheels, or in water too! I biking all the year in the city and i teaching swiming for kids! I like to do outdoor activities, like hiking, and climbing in a nomad way ;) I love my city Budapest, with little streets, coffee houses and with great monuments too . I  like the tastes and wievs here! It is plesure to me to show for You some nice place here! If i am free i just like lost in the city or be in green area! I was studying in Norway and Poland! Looking forward to see You all!

Szincsák István 
I have gained experience in the field in which the excellent communication and organising skills are essential. I have been working as assistant organizer several times in national and international level as well. I have also a good command of English and French, both oral and written skills, so I am familiar with communicating with foreign students.
I would be grateful if you could give me the opportunity for proving my suitability concerning mentoring. 

Winter Márk  
My name is Márk Winter. I was born in 1991 in Baja but me and my family moved to
Budapest several years ago. I graduated from Vörösmarty Mihály Secondary
Grammar School in 2011 then I attended the University Of Communication And
At the moment I am doing my bachelor degree and I will start my second year in
September as a sport organizer at the University of Physical Education. I speak
fluent English, French and also I have a good average at university.
I am applying for this Erasmus position because I am fond of meeting new people
and getting to know their culture. As a citizen of Budapest I know many good places
for showing around foreign friends and I also I am a great organizer of sport
activities, city tours or night events. I consider myself to be a reliable, hard-working,
open-minded, enthusiastic and confident person who is not afraid of new challenges.
It would be a really useful experience for me to be a member of the exchange
student’s mentors’ crew because I am planning to spend a semester abroad by
Erasmus and I could get some information which would help me to decide which
country would be the most suitable choice.  

Kriszti AKA Béla Krisztina 
Hey there! I study human kinesiology and I’ve been living in Budapest for 2 years. It is a vibrant and diverse city with awesome sights, spots and programs that are waiting for you to see day and night! :) As a sport loving person there are different options I can show whether you prefer running, ball games or indoor climbing. I am also a board and card game lover, hope you are too! ;) Budapest has a wide variety of street food options for a fairly good price, but keep in mind that I am a pretty good cook too! Hope to meet you soon!
I am currently a student of the University of Physical Education in Budapest. I study human kinesiology and I am starting my last bachelor’s year in September so I live in Budapest for 2 years now. I applied for the Erasmus Mentor program because I think it is a great way to meet foreign people and get to know different cultures. Being new to a foreign city and university can be overwhelming at first and I would really like to help these students so that they can get the most out of their stay. I find the program very useful to practice English communication skills as well.
I find this program to be extremely fun all in all. It is not only exciting for the exchange students but for the mentors as well. It is a great way to express hospitality and show as much of the city and life here as possible so that the students can return home with fulfilled dreams and lots of memories. From my past exchange experiences I know that friendships can be made for a lifetime during these stays.   

Kozár Bea 
My name is Bea Kozár. I live in Budapest. I was studying health promotion management in Eötvös Loránd University. Now I work as a swimming instructor. I will start the course sport management in September. I speak fluently in english and I also have a basic knowledge in spanish. In my free time I enjoy doing sports. I am also planning to be a snowboard instructor.
As you can see from my resume, I was studying recreation and health promotion management. After I graduated, I started to teach swimming for kids and for university students. From January 2015 I also began to work in a ski school: Nanook Ski Club.
I will start the course Sport management this September.
I want to apply for the team because I enjoy meeting new people, talking with foreigners and I am interested in other cultures. Last year I visited my sister when she was in Erasmus in Spain and I want to give the experience for the foreigners, what I received, for example they showed me the city and they brought me to local restaurants as well. This summer I am doing a two month internship in the Canary Islands in Lanzarote. I work here as an animator. This experience opened my mind. I work in a team with four people from three different countries. I feel, these two months helped me improve my organization skills. I think my english knowledge is very high. I also started learning spanish one year ago, and during my internship here in Lanzarote I could improve it a lot. In other words I think I could help the foreign students during their internship in Hungary. I also want to improve my languages and of course make some new friends. 

Richard Czifra 
To begin with, my name is Richard Czifra a 20 year old University student currently studying as a Sport Organizer. I was brought up in a small, but nice town in the east of Hungary called Nyíregyháza. I finished my elementary and secondary Education here. It is a peaceful, but underdeveloped region where I did not have the possibility to experience cultural diversity. When finishing my secondary school I was accepted to a famous University in a capital city of Hungary. This change in my life showed me a new view on the world and made me understand that I have to open new horizons in order to develop my personal skills and abilites. I am coming from a loving family containing my mother, my father and my elder brother. However, living on my own in an unknown environment, thought me how to solve the problems of life alone as well as self-confidence working hard and independence. I have some experience about mentoring exchange students. Few years ago we took care an italian guy, named Antonio Lazarotto, in high school. He was living with us for a year and I really enjoyed his company. It was always a pleasure to help and explain things to him. Later on, I was mentoring a Japanese exchange student. His name is Takafumi Miki. I teached him hungarian, explained the grammar and practiced a lot with him. He was able to make the hungarian language exam after a year. Since then we are keeping in contact and usually video chat on skype. 
Taking everything into account, I guess I would be an excellent mentor because I get on easily with people. I am communicative, helpful and I can guide the exchange students around Budapest and help them out with regular daily problems.

Németh Remáta
I wanted to be a swimming coach, since i was a child. I used to swim for 10 years. I started doing judo and playing volleyball. I took part in a lot of duathlon and trhiatlon competitions. I love seeing all kind of sport in TV and I am very open-minded for every kind of sport. Thanks to the TF I could try more sports.
I was a volunteer in Judo Europian Championships in Budapest (2013). I was also a volunteer in the 2nd FINA World Junior Open Water Championships in Balatonfüred (2014). In the future, a lot of events will have organized by Budapest, and I would like to be a volunteer there too.
I am very enthusiastic, friendly and talkative. I can make friends easily. I would like to be a mentor to help the erasmus students, guide them and get to know their culture. 

Mónika Szkokán
Hello! My name is Mónika Szkokán and i live in Budapest. I was bor on 12 June 1992. I am a student in University of physical education,( third year) and  i will be physical education teacher.  My favourite sport is rhytmic gymnastics. I was a rhytmic gymnastics copetitor and now I became the coach. I like to dance and hiking. I am a fun loving girl.
I would like to be a mentor, because I like a good programs. I like Budapest so much, and i like hiking, especially in a hills. I think it is a very good  opportunity to meet a new, special people and habits. I think i can easy to make a friends. I like dancing, watching movies, training, hiking, talking, go to the restaurant and something like this, so i can do everything what people like to do.

Horváth Dávid
My mother is an economic leader of a local mayor’s office at Nagykanizsa. My father is senior citizen. He used to worked at the Police as a detective. My  brother and sister are graduated. My sister work as a paralegal in the Paralympic Comitte, my brother work as a soldier in Kaposvár.
My interests are; Sports, reading, traveling, gastronomy, voluntary, animals. I Have been playing table tennis for 11 years. We won the National Championship II. last year(2014-2015). I played football for 7 years. In TF I tried out lots of sport. Sport not only my hobby is my life.
My skills are; Reliability, intensesense of responsibility, maximum precision, distinguished adapt ability, good problemsolving skills, team group tasks and working together with otherones, good solving skills. 
I’m interested in meeting with new people and get to know their culture. I was a volunteer in the 2nd FINA World Junior Open Water Championships in Balatonfüred (2014). I was the team leader of the brazilian team. Other reason that I would like to be a mentor that I want to improve my language skills and make some new friend. 

Zajácz István
My name is István. I am going to start my unversity studies in September. My favourite activity is doing sports, I have played handball. and football for 4 years. I usually go to swim in my freetime, and my favourite one is the athletics. I also like history and I am interested in other cultures. 
I am open for new things, I would like to know new people and their cultures. I am open-minded, easy.going person who would like to get new experiences at the university. I have some experiences in organising programs because I have taken part in some international programs several times before as a guest and also as a host.

Csanádi Zsófi
My name is Zsófia Csanádi. I’m 19 years of age. I have just finished my secondary studies. Sport has always played an important role in my life thus I’m excited to start my higher education at the University of Physical Education. I also participated in a Summer Camp in Reggio di Calabria in 2012 and in 2014 for 1 month each, which helped develop my Italian knowledge and improved my communication skills. I am delighted that there is a unique opportunity which would help me to further improve my language skills, to get to know other cultures better, meet new people and enrich my curriculum vitae.
The experience that I could gain by being a mentor would be valuable for both my studies and personal development. So, I am ready and willing to take on new challenges

Vincze Tímea
As I have already been an Erasmus student, I know how important is for a foreign student to have a mentor. I’ve already been a mentro at the ELTE, so I know the ESN. I like the international atmosphere, going out with foreign people, I would like to help to them to discover the city, or in case they would have any problems, etc. In the last 1,5 year I’ve been working in a hostel, where I got the chance to communicate a lot of people from all over the world. So I don’t have problems with communicating with foreign people. I speak French also, and Spanish on basic level, but I would like to develop my language skills

Berndt András
My name is András Berndt and I have 2 brothers: one of them is older and the other is younger than me. I playes handball, chess, table tennis and football. I have been playing football for 15 years and i like working in teams and i consider it very important. I like working in team and i have been working as a football coach for 4 years.  I am anthropocentric and one of my most important quality is empathy. I can fit quickly in new communities. I do my work accurately and efficiently. 3 years ago I worked as a guide for a Spanish group which was in Budapest for 10 days. I am friendly, talketive, open minded and mindful.
I am interested in getting to know new people, build relationships and recognize new culture. I like spending my free time with my friends, that is why i am always surrounded with people. I would like to get to know other people from other countries and as far as I am concerned this could be a very good opportunity to achieve it.

Varga Boglárka
I am Boglárka Varga, my nickname is Bogi. I just finished my MSc Spormanagement studies in the summer of 2015. I did my Bsc Recreation management and health promotion programe final exam in 2013. I do triathlon for 14 years in a sports club. Nowadays I play ultimate frisbee as well, I started it 3 years ago. I like to work in teams and doing creative things. In September, 2014 me and my friends founded a sports club for erasmus students and international people, who live here. We organize lot of events in different sports (football, ultimate frisbee, hiking, yoga, running etc.) I also took part in erasmus program. I spent one semester in Barcelona. I was also a mentor in the last year. If you need help or have a question, just tell me! Have a good time in Budapest!  

Gary AKA Csepely Gergő
Briefly I lived in California in the past 15 years and I'm getting my Masters in Recreation at the TF right now.
I heard about this program and I would be interested in it, I know well what a culture shock is , and also Im pretty clear about the fact how much does it mean to have a local around you when you arrive.
Please let me know if you have any other question

Faragó Dóra
My name is Dora Farago and I am 20 years old. I love doing sports, but who doesn’t at this college? I love running, horse riding, swimming, hiking, dancing, doing rhythmic gymnastics and climbing.
I also like drawing, reading books, cooking and being in the nature. I said to be very energetic because I always doing something and I always have an idea what to do. I love smiling, so if you see me, i will probably have a big smile on my face. I would like to take part in this programme, because I would like to help these exchange students to have a memorable semester here, helping them being more comfortable here and making them some programme. I am very friendly so I like making new friends and get to know their culture. I like trying new things, and maybe in my future work, the experience from this mentor ’work’ will be very useful.

Skrapits Fanni
I would really like to help the exchange students because I am a naturally extrovert and social person. I love to meet new friends and I think I could help them with everything they might need, from showing them the city/country to help them out in the most random problems. I also think that this would be a great opportunity to improve my language skills, I speak english and spanish as well! I have already had a few chances to meet exchange students and those always went down really well, so I think me and my future pair would enjoy our time together!

Szabó Tímea
My name is Tímea Szabó. I was born in Budapest at 07.10.1991.I graduated in high school four years ago.As I am doing sport from my childhood, I went to study in a vocational school,where I was studying 2years.In this 2years I gained many knowledge in sport,and I also got for this 3qualifikation as a personal trainer,animator and sportmanager.It was for me a good basis to start to work in this field.My first work experience was in Greece as a team leader and sport trainer in different kind of fields of sport.It was one of my best experience in my life ,because I was a part of an international team,and I really liked that I was the only hungarian,and I didn’t have any language problem with english.After this experience I decided that I would like to explore the world and work in different countries,because this is what makes me happy and motivated.From that time I was working in Cyprus,Austria and Italy.I was working at these places as an animator,and my responsibility was mostly to take care about children,and organize sport events for adults.My other most memorable experince was in Italy where I was working as a fitness trainer.I was doing yoga, streching, fitness, aerobic etc.I really loved to stand in front of people and make them happy and smile because of sport.Now I am studying Andragogy at Budapest Business School, and recreation at the University of Sport. My aim with these qualification to learn more about people to organize them as many events as possible to make them happy and healthy.

Simon Péter
My name is Peter Simon. This is my third year in the University of Physical Education. I will be a Pe teacher. I am motivated because my roommate was a helper and he showed me these meetings and I could take  part in these partys and other programs. I would like to be a helper because I like foreign languages, help others and this is a great opportunity to meet new people from another culture. Practice english and maybe in the future to take part in Erasmus programs.  I am talkative, helphul and team player I think I can be a member of this organization.

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