Sunday, August 30, 2015


My arrival to Budapest was awesome. One of the Erasmus coordinators picked me up at the airport and we went to have some dinner together. We laughed a lot and had a really funny time. After this I went to a hostel and knew lots of smily people. Everyone from a different country, by the moment it's been all together a really stimulating experience.


My arrival was vey funny, I didn’t expect to have that funny moments as soon. Jule came to the airport to pick me up but suddenly a turkey guy apppeared… “the lost guy”. I say de lost guy because he didn’t seem to know where he was, who he was… and he lost the luggage at least three times. I am sure if Jule and me hadn’t help him, he would have arrived to Norway that day. We went to “my” flat to sign the contract and at the end of the day we had a dinner “all” the Erasmus together.


My arrival in spite of my problems of the flight was so good because it's nice arrive in a unknown country and find someone who arrange you and explain all about the transport, tickets and the other things that you don't know and also if he speaks in Spanish which is more homely to start this new adventure.


I arrived to Budapest on 31st of August and for the first moment I feel like in home. An Erasmus colleague pick me up from the airport and help me a lot. During the following days, I have been discovering this amazing, and for me unknowed city. We had a beautiful orientation meeting where the Rector welcome us and after that my Erasmus partners and the mentors spend some time together in friendly atmosphere. Five days in Budapest are enough to realice that I will be a really nice experience.


My arrival to Budapest was little bit crazy for me after 30 hours of travelling. My mentor Bori and twins came to the airport to pick me up and we went to the hostel together. Despite the fact that I was feeling like I'm dead,it was fun trip to the hostel :D Then we carried my stuff to the room and I "survived" the day.


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