Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hogyan keszülj fel Erasmus/ How to get ready for Erasmus?

Turkish flag, t-shirts, Turkish Delights by rose flavor, smiling face , opss! keys of my flat, nevermind! Here we go! At last; I found the first opportunity to meet Erasmus community of TF through this event after all the bustle of settlement to Budapest. Let’s realize how was the event and aims of it ?

Basically; Promoting future’s Erasmus! As I frequently feel the benefits of Erasmus by the first experience in Latvia, ı decided to attend to this event without second thought to promote my schoolmates and I believe we all did good job to encourage them! Programme has been started along with ‘’Introduction to Erasmus’’.. In this regard; our friendly coordinator Julie took the responsibility to present the application process that ı couldn’t understand because of my poor Hungarian yet.

As to the second and most enjoyable part of the event! Şşşşşş! Please, silence Ladies and Gentlemen! We are eating from all Europe! All Erasmus students has cooked specials from their cuisine. After that mmmm! I was eating crazily as much as ı forgot to present Turkish delights to students. Anyway; they found the delights and finished all of them on their own as an independent explorer of future’s Erasmus!

Let’s have look at menu of Erasmus chiefs! Here is Marga’s apples! Actually; Patatas bravas and Pastel de hojaldre with apple and red fruits which made my mouth water! Ouw! there is Kelli’s baked cookies decorated by colour of Estonian flag lovely! and the Master chief Kelli’s special: roll-cake with kamamousse.. Next one from Queens of English accents; Hilary’s and Sharon’s Macaroni and Cheese. Hey Look! There is a empty plate from Tiramisu of Sütto Kinga and Busa Andrea from Hungary which has been eaten up by human being .. Hey, Lover of snacks, Look at Eddy’s pamboli. Wait! What is it? Spread tomato, olive oil, salt, cheese, every kind of dry sausages and ham on BREAD! Ready to eat: Bon Appetit! Before the final; Gael’s ‘’Rillettes de canard au piment d'Espelette’’ which you could be full only by its royal name without even eating.. Say Hi to Nacho’s and Maria’s Tortilla de patatas. Yay! Here is coming of star of the night is Wiktoria! She came late but predict why? Cause Headliner always come later than others. Also; I think she must have spent time much to cook those glamorious,delicous, great so on…specials: Apple pie - biszkopt z jabłkami and roquettes with mushrooms - krokiety z grzybami… Thank you guys for the great specials of your countries!

After the part of the event at University! Dzzssssss! Some Beers, company, lovely coordinators and mentors, coincidences, dizziness! We went to a pub in order to adorn the night more and we absolutely did! The finale surprise of the night was to meet Antal Krajczár who was Erasmus student in Latvia at the same time and the same institution with my classmate ! I understood the value of Erasmus programme once more again at that moment! Guys! World is so small.. The only thing that makes the world huger and overrated than the normal size of it in universe is ‘’Our Small Dreams’’ on impossible. We have already broken one of those imposibilities by coming here as an Erasmus and today; we showed future’s Erasmus students the way which is going to world of possibilities by bigger dreams . . ‘’Let’s Bridge Together to make the world smaller ‘’

- BOZz -

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