Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Mentors

Midling Dóra
My name is Dora Midling, I am 23 years old. I have been studying since 2012 at PE Univesity (TF), Faculty of PE teacher-and coach. I am going to finish the Bsc degree in June of 2016 . I am going to sign to the Master Degree. I want to study at the Recreation and Health Improvement Manager major of the PE University(TF) .    
Currently I am working as an aerobic coach and teaching balett and I am taking part on a dancing skills development program for the new generation as a coach. I like working with both kids and aged people. I like not only working as a coach, but also organizing events. Why would I like to be part of an international team? As I have said, I want to do my master degree on the Recreation and Health Improvement Manager major. I enjoy organizing any kinds of events, especially sport events. I think long-lasting friendships could be born during these events. A good relationship always depends on two parties. The Erasmus mobility is a great possibility to get acquaintanced with the culture, the behaviour and the attitude of other countries ‘s students, and know great people. Organizing events for foreign students could be a chance for them to became more acquaintanced with our culture, cities, eating tradition, sport tradition and lot of other interesting things. It is very important that during this mentor job we are able to help foreign students how they can know new people in a foreign country, where are the places  they are not able to find. The mentor is able to advertise the country and hereby the mentor can contribute to a good image of the country. I like to work in a team or at workplace, where the people are open-minded, and happy.

Galamb Kata 
My name is Kata. I’m 22 years old. I came from the western part of Hungary, from Körmend. I’m spending my third year at the University of Physical Education, currently I’m a student of human kinesiology so I’ve been living in Budapest for 3 years. I spent last semester on Erasmus in France but that wasn’t my first experience there and I’m sure, it wasn’t the last time either. In the future I would like spending more time abroad. My goal is getting as many places as I can, meeting new people, getting to know more cultures and languages. I can speak english and french so far but I’m never satisfied with my knowledge so I always want to improve myself. That’s why I’d like to spend more times abroad to have more experiences, too. For the time being, I’d like to work in rehabilition to help sportsmen being better or to ensure the best quality of life for the elders. The sport was always a part of my life in different ways: I did athletics, gymnastics but I spent the most time of my childhood in the swimming pool. Lastly I chose handball that’s the nearest to my heart because playing in a team is the most pleasant experience for me. But I love all types of sports. J
Budapest is one of the best place for me and I hope that you’ll think the same soon. I’ll do my best to familiarize and make you love this culture and make this period being the best in your life.

Juhász Benjamin
My name is Benjamin, I am 22 years old, I am studying Recreation. I will finish my BSc at this semester. I have just come back from my Erasmus from the United Kingdom. Before that, I had spent 4 months in Zagreb, in Croatia. I used to play soccer for 10 years. Nowadays I swim and do work out. I am interested in most of the sports, besides this, I like cooking, watching films, listening to music etc.. I like to work with people especially with children. Due to the fact that I have lived in abroad as a student I know how much a mentor can mean for a new incomer. Therefore I would like to help you in anything what I can, in order to make your study abroad period a great time. Feel free to contact me. Enjoy your time in Budapest.
I would like to apply to become an Erasmus mentor at our university. My name is Benjámin Juhász, I am twenty-two years old. I study Recreation at the University of Physical Education (TF). After finishing my Bachelor studies, I would like to continue my studies with Master of Sciences. I have spent 4 months in Zagreb, studying at the University of Zagreb, at the Faculty of Kinesiology and I also have spent 4 months in England next, at the University of Sunderland. The latter one was my Erasmus+ study period.
I would like to be a mentor of a foreign student in the next semester, as I have experienced how important and useful can be this support for an exchange student. Especially in the first few weeks, a mentor can help with the assimilation to go smoothly and make it as comfortable as it can be for a new incomer student. Besides this, after improving my English in the United Kingdom, I would like to keep this level, consequently it would be useful for me to talk in English again.
Furthermore, I learnt how much you can learn from people who come from a different culture. You can meet different aspects of worldview, different ways of thinking, etc. Sincerely I think the mentor program can be useful for the student and the mentor equally.
All in all, the purpose of this letter is to apply for an Erasmus mentor position. I would like to help to another student who will come to our country and our university in the following semester. I will put an effort to make the Erasmus time for him or her a pleasant experience. In addition I would like to reach to evolve a good opinion about Hungary for the foreign student.

Kurucz Anita

Hi, My name is Anita Kurucz and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Székesfehérvár, but now I live in Budapest in the hostel of our school. I am studying here in the University of Physical Education to become a great physical education teacher.
My hobbies: Of course sports. I have been doing sports since I was 3 years old, I tried myself out in different areas of sports. I played basketball for 5 years and at the same time I danced (balley and folkdance). Later I was a member of a musical studio in our capital city, too. Swimming and gymnasics are also close to my heart. Actually I'm teaching kids to swim in the swimmingpool of our university. My other love is the theatre - everything what has to do with theatre and musicals.
I consider myself an open-minden, friendly and spirited person who likes to get to know new people, get new friends.
I would be happy if I could meet you and spend time with you.
I am open to all programmes like sightseeing, enterainment, cultural programmes...whatever you would like to try out or where ever you would like to visit.

 My name is Anita Kurucz, I am 20 years old, and I am from Székesfehérvár. Currently I am studying in the University of Physical Education in Budapest and I live in the hostel of our school. I am studying to become physical education teacher.
I have recently learnt about the opportunity to become a member of the erasmus mentoring group. In the past couple of months I got the chance to look into the life of a mentor, and realised how important their work is to integrate erasmus student to a new country. Based on this insight I can say that the background work of the workers, coordinators, mentors part is indispensable in the universities. I think it is really important to be associated with other countries, nations, and the Erasmus Program gives excellent opportunity for somebody to travel abroad, meet other cultures, get new friends, gain more and more experiences.
I have already met some erasmus students in different programmes. We went hiking together, and besides that I met them in bars in a couple of evenings, therefore I got the opportunity to get to know them better. However I feel it is time for me to organise programmes alone for them.
I am open to all programmes like sightseeing, entertainment, cultural programmes, whatever they would like to try out or where ever they would like to visit. I wouldn't mind to organise programmes for one person, but I think I would be able to handle a smaller team, too.
Therefore with this motivational letter I would officially like to apply for an erasmus mentor position.

Laskovics Tímea
Hello, my name is Tímea Laskovics, I’m 20 years old and I live in Budapest. I study at the University of Physical Education where I’m in my second year. After my graduation at the university, I’d like to be a Physical Education teacher, furthermore I am considering doing a massage course, because I am really interested in it. I speak English (I have learnt it for 8 years) and a little French.
As I study at a sports university I like all kind of sports, but I prefer to do sports rather than watching them. I have tried a lot of sports, for example, I used to do rhytmic gymnastics, swimming, synchronised swimming and dancing.
My hobbies are craftworking, reading and of course sports. I am also interested in psychology. 

With this letter I would like to express my interest in the university’s Erasmus Student Exchange Programme and I would like to apply for the mentor position. I strongly believe that this programme will give me a lot of useful experience for my future career and plans. I would like to be a Physical Education teacher, so through this programme I could gain international experience in my country and I could broaden my mind to get acquainted with different people, cultures and teaching systems.
During my secondary school studies, I got the chance to be a participant of student exchange programmes (for example Comenius). Within the confines of these programmes, I spent several weeks abroad, so I had the opportunity to build international relations. I have learnt a lot thanks to those experiences. To begin with, I realised that international relations are significant components in our lives, because they teach us to estimate other cultural beliefs and attitudes. In addition, when it was my turn to host foreigners, I have learnt how to show them my country’s memorable sights and traditional dishes in an organised and enjoyable way.
I worked for a team building company a few years ago, where I learnt how to communicate appropriately between different age groups. Furthermore, I could improve my organising skills, because I planned and organised different team building games. Additionally, when I was a host, I organised sightseeing tours, so my organising and planning skills are quite good. In my view these skills are very important for a mentor. Some words about my inner characteristics which I also consider to be important: I am a friendly, always smiling, helpful, spirited, creative and inquisitive person. In my opinion, these skills make me suitable for the mentor position.
Thank you very much in advance for this opportunity and for considering my application. Previously I have already taken part in programmes for Erasmus students, but now I would like to be an official mentor. I am sure that this opportunity will help a lot in my future professional plans and personal development.

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