Monday, September 14, 2015

Thursday's Hockey

Last thursday we went to Tüske Csarnok with the erasmus people to see a hokey game. We were Spanish people and we never seen a game because is difficult to find an ice rink and there aren't teams. It was planned so good because we arranged to meet at the metro station to be together there because we didn't know where it was.

We were so excited there because there was a lot of people, music, the players were warmed up and the people shouting, also there was people playing a lot of drums.

The game was between Mac Budapest, who was the favourite and we was cheering up, and Újpest.
While the game was playing more interesting was being because at the second quarter they was in a tie and the game was a bit more agressive but finally Mac pest win 5-1 and allthe people were making noise.

First of all we didn't understand the rules because we never seen it and of course we never played so it was a bit confused but finally we can comprehend it more; to understand it at all we need going to another game.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and for sure we will go to see another game.


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