Sunday, September 20, 2015


Last Tuesday we met to have dinner all the Erasmus students and his/her mentors… Firstly, the spanish students went to saw the eurobasket to the vice-rector office because he was a basket player and he loves it. After that, when the match finished, we took our food and we went to the dormitory.

When we went into the room there was a big table with plates and pieces of cutlery, then Marcel brought a big pot with typical food of hungary I liked so much because it seemed a dish that we do in spain raincoat in Winter. The other food I have to say that I only liked the spanish food and some dessert because the estonian food I didn’t like so much, it was very strange and with flavours and textures dreadful, for example the wine bread, and the sand kéfir… About the palinka I can’t speak because the smell backed out and I didn’t try… but the opinions of my teammates weren’t very good. The best of all was the Marcel’s food, the spanish food and the Victoria’s dessert (aple cake) Finally I had a good time speaking english with people of other countries and sharing theirs tastes and opinions but raincoat learning hungarian language.



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